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My Pre-Practice Routine

Lately, I've developed a routine of sorts before I practice to help put me at ease physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and ready to work in a mindful way. Since I've been bringing back old repertoire, I've been extra careful to remain mindful as much as I can. So here is what my routine is these days:

1. Let in as much natural light as possible

2. Stretch - and I use the guide from the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine recommended to me by my dear friend Steven Coombe

3. Hydrate!! I always find myself dehydrated, but I find if I can begin my practice drinking water, I'm more likely to keep drinking water throughout my session

4. Do a five-minute meditation. It's a really simple meditation where I focus in on my breath as much as I can, and these days my mind is so frazzled it tends to wander quite often - but it really does help me a lot to give myself that space before I dive into my practice to just breathe and focus on physical sensations in my body.

That's it! What are some of your pre-practice rituals? Do you have one?

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